"To your ears"
For one meter, two networks become one.
An audio installation by Gregoire Rousseau.




A mass distribution network can be defined as a network able to reach constantly a great majority of the people in a given area. When no area is specified, one can assume the given area is nation or world wide. An electricity socket appears as a front end of the mass power distribution and a TV, or radio, as front end of a mass media distribution

Originally thought between the two rounds of the 2007 French presidential election, the work functions on a three party’s attraction/fear structure. The repulsive power network, the attractive media and its visible switch creates a critical situation. At once, for one meter, mass power and mass media distribution networks become a single mass media distribution power network, directly available to your ears.

"To your ears" installation brings together the mass power distribution and mass media distribution networks. The modified power strip to carry sound signal over power line is a product called "Sound Sharing Device". For one meter, the two networks become one.




The performance is based on the reverse concept of the actual installation; power electricity through audio device.

Supported by AVEK
Thanks to Voima.

Graphics by Nicolas Schevin.
Sound edit by Samuli Tanner.

Tracks by:
KURSK, Samuli Tanner, and Pessi Parvianen & Gregoire Rousseau at Experimental Evening.