Krešimir Popović


Galleri Bergmanin sarjassa kansainvälinen vuorovaikutus ja vaikutus suomalaiseen taiteeseen ja kulttuuriin, vuorossa on nyt Krešimir Popović. Hän on kroatialainen ja asuu ja työskentelee Helsingissä, jossa hänellä on maisterintutkinto Kuvataideakatemiasta. Hänen tuleva näyttelynsä alkaa nyt tällä tarinajohdannolla.


In Galleri Bergman series of international interaction and influence on the Finnish art, the turn has come to Krešimir Popović. He is a Croatian and is living and working in Helsinki, where he has a MA degree from the Academy of fine arts. His upcoming exhibition starts right here with this story introduction.


Galleri Bergmans serie om internationellt inflytande och växelverkan med den finska kulturen har nu kommit till Krešimir Popović. Han kommer från Kroatien och är bosatt och verksam i Helsingfors, där han även har en Magisterexamen från Bildkonstakademin. Krešimirs kommande utställning börjar här nedan med en introduktions berättelse.


"The night was falling down, it finally got a bit colder, but still, stones were burning beneath his rubber shoe sole. That was the time of the day that he loved the most. He sat down on the dried grass, took a sandwich from his bag and looked around. Far ahead in a valley he saw something that was almost like a small lake, where sheep were drinking water. From the distance they looked like small toys, soft and slow. While he was chewing his sandwich, he was calculating if it is worth to go there. It would mean another two hours of walking. But the scene was so appealing, that he took some time to rest, then stood up and slowly started to walk there. He wanted at least to take a couple of photos there because there were no shadows, the light conditions were perfect and the colours fresh and lively, quite the opposite of the stones that surrounded him."

Krešimir Popović