Sinem Baykal

"1" Light installation work



Sinem Baykal comes from Turkey where she was studying fine arts and did her BA degree at the Bilkent University in Ankara. She is currently finishing her MA degree at the academy of fine arts in Helsinki. We are now very happy to host her first solo exhibition at Galleri Bergman. This exhibition is as well part of her graduation work.

"1" Light installation work by Sinem Baykal



This work was born out of the inspiration of seeing the northern lights and the mysticism that surrounds them. I think we have all during history been curious in the sky and its possibilities. We have tried to find the meaning in it and thought about what could be found behind the planets and the horizon of the sky. Maybe the inspiration received from the sky is related to the search for a God or maybe what we see in the sky is indeed what or how he or she looks like. There are several accounts in history related to the beliefs in stars and their relationship to the spirits of people. Added to this are the cross-national believes related to each person having a guiding star that to me is as a concept very interesting. Installation is aiming at exploring the ideas behind existence, actions, unities, entities and the individual in this universe.